Director’s Message

Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 is a 24×7 Community Radio Station powered by Manav Rachna Vidyanatariksha and is solely dedicated to the service of the community it caters to. The Community Radio Station is covering aspects related with social awareness, health, spirituality, entertainment, education, career, and youth. It is the first & only Radio Station in Faridabad.


Various spiritually awakened people are invited to discuss various dimensions of spiritual awareness and genuine levels of all religions. Radio Manav Rachna addresses the problems of youth by taking the interviews of young boys and girls and students on topics of relevance and importance. These young boys and girls are invited to have open discussions on various issues related with aspects like career, life and lifestyle. For the purpose of health awareness issues, doctors, gynecologists and various experts are being invited from the nearby areas to answer the queries raised from time to time. Being a Community Radio Station, the prime focus of the Community Radio Station remains on the social issues related with sanitary problems, health problems, and general awareness problems but simultaneously Radio Manav Rachna is entertaining the people by playing melodies songs of the choice of the people. In other words, it is a Info Entertainment Channel which provides all kinds of awareness among the residents of Faridabad and adjoining coverage area. With its networking, the radio station creates plays suitable Industry related programmes, for the benefit of students, community, entrepreneurs and other listeners. Various experts are invited to participate in our discussion programmes on topics of interest and relevance. Focus is also on Motivational programmes, sharing and analyzing success stories and is building communication skills, soft skills, and personality development. RMR 107.8 covers all adjoining and rural areas in Faridabad and caters to down trodden areas through programmes like AAp Ki Awaj / Ek Nazar (News) / Health awareness tips, etc.


All in all, Radio Manav Rachna provides useful informatory and entertainment programmes round the clock for its target audience in & around Faridabad covering different segments, and interest groups like students, youth, women, entrepreneurs, employees, senior citizens, and the common folk of the area. 

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