Radio Manav Rachna

“By the community, of the community, for the community”, as the slogan says, Radio Manav Rachna (RMR) is dedicated towards the community covering majorly the area of Faridabad, Haryana. The Radio Station is located in the lovely sprawling campus of Manav Rachna International University, which is the premier educational institution of Faridabad; Radio Manav Rachna is the first and only community Radio of Faridabad established on the 10th July 2009 by the M.R. Education Society. Initially it started airing programs for 5 hours a day and from September 2013 it started airing programs for 24 hours a day, serving community areas in Faridabad and adjoining parts of National Capital Region (NCR.)


Radio Manav Rachna 107.8, is the brain child of Late Dr. O P Bhalla, Founder Chairman Manav Rachna Educational Institutions group. The Community Radio Station of NCR, is focused on providing useful information to its listeners about their day to day issues, community affairs, and social awareness, entertainment, and as well as educating its listeners and promoting Language, Literature, Music, Health, etc, through round the clock programs broadcast in different Languages and topics based on various day to day issues of common people.


“Our Listeners are our Strength”; they value what we say. Our radio is playing a major role in educating and uplifting the society by making them aware of the Social issues/ women related issues/child Care/family affairs, etc, which people can benefit from, while being entertained by our huge collection of music and other entertaining programs. Most of the programs of RMR are being presented by the community members from all over NCR and students from Manav Rachna Educational Institutions and other institutions are also actively involved in programs which contribute to their development, as well.


Entertainment, Social Awareness Programs, Social Interactive Programs, talent shows for the talented youth, Health Camps for the grass root level society of Faridabad, etc. are some of the major contributions of Radio Manav Rachna towardsFaridabadand NCR. In this regard, singing talent shows like, Sur aap ke geet rafi ke, Sunheri yaadain, Suron ke utsav, etc. are being organized by RadioManav Rachna, annually and people from different age groups and different spheres showcase their singing talent. Programs like Aap ki awaaz,, Men of Honor, Punjabi Tadka, Evening Flavor, Mehfil, Aatmbodh, Vidyantriksha, women Empowerment, Ehsas, Bazm-e-Shairi, Spiritual and Literary programs are the daily source of infotainment for the listeners of Radio Manav Rachna.


Radio Manav Rachna has also catered to a lot of dignitaries on different occasions and interviewed them, some of them being, Shri. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Kapil Dev, Chetan Sharma, Gagan Narang, Shrishti Rana, Virendra Sehwag, etc. With their success stories the listeners of Radio Manav Rachna get inspired to become successful in their lives and benefit their society.


Radio Manav Rachna has also been richly contributing to the society by its partnership programs “A joint venture to awaken the society” partnered with Faridabad Small Industries Association, National Small Industries Corporation, Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Corporation Bank, B.K. Hospital, Faridabad, Department of Science and Technology, GOI, to reach those parts of the society which cannot be reached alone. With all these efforts to awaken the society about social evils or to make the society aware of the areas of their interest, Radio Manav Rachna has proved to be the true “voice to the voiceless”.


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