Guests at RMR

Shashank & Shreyash of Grade 10 & 11 of MRIS Sec 46, Gurgaon got an opportunity to live their dream of being at our Radio Station on 22.11.2016. As part of CDC’s initiative – “LIVE YOUR DREAM”, these two students visited Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM and spent 4-5 hours with RJs, Editors, Content Writers and Deputy Director of the Radio Station Ms. Shailja Naqvi. Participating in the live show “Youngistan Ki Dhadkan” at 11 am with RJ Bhavna, they shared their views on life, their studies and extracting time for entertainment. Being a part of the “Morning Adda”, they spoke to RJ Swati. While at the Radio Station they learnt how to choose songs, how programs are designed, recorded, edited and then broadcast. In all they happily lived their dream and wished to come back again. Click here for photograph


On 18th November, 2016, Captain Purushottam Sharma graced his alma mater by paying a visit to the fond memories. Capt. Purushottam did his Bachelors in Automobile Engineering in 2013 from FET, Manav Rachna International University. During his visit to the campus, he met the Head of Department of Automobile Engineering and also toured the campus, learning about the recent developments that took place in the campus. In a radio interview with RJ Bhavna, he recalled his memories of time as a student while expressing his happiness. He even shared his experience of In-Campus Placement interview which he had qualified then, and is now successfully serving the Indian Army. Click here for photograph



It was a proud moment for Manav Rachna when three notable alumni of CITM-CSE Batch of 2000-04 visited their alma mater. They were in awe of the campus development and brought forth their stories and how student – alumni engagement can be mutually beneficial and rewarding. Mr. Bhuvan Sehgal, a real estate businessman along with Mr. Deepak Monga, Senior IT Consultant, HSBC and Mr. Amit Gupta, Solution Architect, AMDOCS, shared their life experiences after stepping out from the campus. They also added that the exposure of students to international organizations and initiatives has improved paving way for ample growth opportunities and helped students establish sound ground for their careers. They added that it is invigorating to learn Manav Rachna’s journey through the years and also mentioned that they would be elated to help enrich students with guidance and mentorship as and when required. Click here for photograph



Dr. Haider Raza, notable Alumni of Manav Rachna International University after completing his M.Tech in Computer Engineering from FET, MRIU in 2011, successfully completed his PhD degree in Brain-Computer Interfacing at the Intelligent System Research Centre, Ulster University, UK. It is elating to know that he has now joined Swansea University in UK as a Research Officer for Machine Learning and is also continuing with his Post Doc Research as well. Manav Rachna is indeed proud of his outstanding academic achievements in such a short span of time. In view of  his achievements in such a short span of time, Manav Rachna Vidyanatariksha Foundation in association with Radio Manav Rachna arranged a Skype Interview, which was aired on Saturday, 22 October 2016. During the interview, Dr. Raza recollected  fond memories of his time as a student as well as how much he missed the guidance of his friendly faculty members. He added that in order to inform students of future prospects, he would be delighted to deliver a seminar, whenever he visits next. It is astounding to know the growth of our Alumni, who were, are and always will be an integral part of Manav Rachna.hats off to them!
It was a homecoming for Bhuvan Sehgal, Deepal Monga, Amit Gupta from CITM 2000-2004 batchwhen they visited MRIU and met their old friends and faculty. Sharing their nostalgic moments with RJ Bhavna in an exclusive interview on RMR 107.8.
Bhuvan Sehgal who is involved in his own family business as builder said, his education here has helped a lot in shaping into a person he is today. Deepak Monga who is senior IT consultant now with HSBC, UK said that he misses his old college days and he wishes, he was a part of all the facilities and expansion that MREI have now to offer. Amit Gupta, a solution architect at Amdocs – USA was happy being here and was overjoyed to see the developments achievements of his Alma mater. Click here for photograph



Dr. Hanif Qureshi, Commissioner of Police, Faridabad visited Radio Manav Rachna on 15.10.16. RJ Faheem interviewed him. Dr. Hanif talked about their recently launched campaign “AAPKI SURAKSHA AAPKE HAATH – A Public-Private Initiative for Smart Policing” and explained that Police System is to help the residents & citizens of Faridabad. Various new ways and innovations are used to keep a check on criminals & curb crimes. Dr. Hanif was also a guest for our popular show “People of Honor” where he revealed the secret of his success to RJ Bhavna and how one can easily aim and focus on what one wants to achieve in life with positivity & the right attitude. To listen to him, tune into RMR 107.8 FM at 11 am on 23.10.16 (Sunday). Click here for photograph


Madam Sampreet Kaur, Chief Judicial Magistrate and Secretary District Legal Services Authority, Faridabad visited Manav Rachna Educational Institutions for a awareness lecture on “Road Safety” during the Road Safety programme celebrated on 26th July, 2016. During a chat with RJ Bhavna on RMR 107.8, she shared that the scenario has changed now and that the road accident victims get immediate help from Police Authorities and self service help groups. Even for strangers who help such accident victims are given due cooperation by the police authorities and they are also rewarded by the police authorities of Faridabad. She appealed to the public of Faridabad to support “Road Safety” and promote better lives. Click here for photograph


Ms. Renu Bhatia, State Conveyor for Laghu Udhyog Bharti for Women and Ms. Harpreet Kaur, President Faridabad Ladies Club, empowering women visited RMR 107.8 on 27.07.16. They encouraged women to be more empowered by being independent and happy. Ms. Renu Bhatia and Ms. Harpreet kaur in their chat with RJ Bhavna said that the State offers support to women who aspire to be entrepreneurs or wish to have a startup of their own. Ladies engaged in small scale group of manufacturing can also seek guidance for expansion through associating themselves with Laghu Udhyog Bharti for Women. Click here for photograph


Dr. Sumit Chakravarti – President IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics) and Dr. Sanjay Tuteja – Ex-President IAP visited the studio of RMR 107.8 FM on 28.07.16. They were here to promote the “National Oral Rehydration Solution Day” which is celebrated every year on 29th July since year 2002. Dr. Sumit and Dr. Sanjay explained in detail the importance of Oral Rehydration during Diarrhea in children. Besides this, they shared in their interview with RJ Bhavna why “Zinc” is also required to be taken during ORS. To listen to their complete chat tune into RMR 107.8 FM from 6-7 pm on 29th July, 2016. Click here for photograph


Padamshree Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath, Founder – Director, WISCOMP (Women in Security Conflict Management and Peace) visited Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 on 4.05.16. She has been working on Women Security since long. She described the real meaning of Women Empowerment, how to society can bring change in gender equality through Education. She expressed her pleasure to be a guest in MRIU and RMR 107.8 and mentioned that these education institutions really made a remarkable change in the field of education. Click here for photograph


Singer, Anchor, Composer, Commentator, in short, a multi-talented personality, Mr. Padamjeet Sherawat, performed energetically at “The Educative Musical Concert” organized at Manav Rachna Campus on 2.05.16. He has composed & written songs for Album “Gulmohar – A musical tribute to Dr. O.P. Bhalla – Founder, Manav Rachna”. This CD was launched by Madam Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron – Manav Rachna. Mr. Padamjeet also visited Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 and shared his Success Mantra with RJ Diksha. Click here for photograph


Ms. Goldy Malhotra, Director – Schools, Manav Rachna escorted Dr. Sivakumar Natarajan, Dr. Shivaraman and Dr. Polo Lomi from ‘CL Educate’ to Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 on 28.04.16. During this visit, Dr. Shivaraman & Dr. Polo Lomi shared their views with RJ Bhavna in the live show ‘Youngistan Ki Dhadkan’. Dr. Polo Lomi mentioned that while being in Manav Rachna, she felt as if she was back in the days of her college in Texas and was glad that in India, MRIU is providing world class infrastructure and teaching pedagogy as of in the world. During this live conversation, Dr. Shivaraman said, Indians and the Youngistan have huge potential to bring in a change here also. Click here for photograph


Vaani, a student of MRDC bagged the first prize winner at the recent Singing Competition “Voice of Manav Rachna” organized by the Deptt. of Students Welfare. She was interviewed by RJ Bhavna in the studio of RMR, today. Vaani expressed happiness and sang her award winning song “Skyscrapers by Demi Lovato”. She said, Singing is her passion and from childhood she would imitate and copy singers and in future she intends to be a successful playback singer. Click here for photograph


Youngistaan ki Dhadkan – “Purani yaadein…vo bhi college campus ki…” MRIU ke alumni 2006 – 2010, Mechanical Engineering… Rohin Anand ne taaza kiya collge ki yaadon ko Rj bhavna ke saath programme “Youngistaan ki dhadkan” mein. Rohin Anand is presently working as Head North India.. in Trumpf, Laser Division. Click here for photograph


Mr. Harshit Choubey an alumni of MRU (Formerly  Manav Rachna College of Engineering) visited his college after 3 years. He also visited Radio Manav Rachna 107.8. and participated in the live show ‘Vidyantariksha’ with RJ Bhavna & RJ Shadab and shared some memorable moments of his college life. He expressed happiness on the multi-fold development of his college and MRIU. Harshit is currently working in Los Angeles as a Sound/Music Arranger. Click here for photograph


Brig. S.N. Setia, Director – Admissions & Executive Director – Manav Rachna Academic Staff College (MRASC) visited Radio Manav Rachna 107.8FM as a special guest for our Programme “RUBAROO”. Prof. I.K. Kilam (Director – RMR) interviewed him in this programme. Brig. Setia shared his memorable moments with Dr. O.P.Bhalla Sir and gave a philosophical meaning of “Manav Rachna”. This programme will be broadcast on Sunday, April 24, 2016 from 11 am – 12 noon on Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM. Click here for photograph


Mr. S.K.Chakrabarty , Director – Lifenergy International  was invited at RMR 107.8 FM. RJ Anamika interviewed him for our news feature “EK Nazar”. During the interview he shared his journey from a Banker to a trainer & a  writer. He shared  about the book he has written –  “How to understand people through communication for success – You are Unknown”. Click here for photograph.


On the occasion of “BOOK LAUNCH” – ‘NEWS ANCHORS – THE FACE OF THE NEWS’  Written by Dr. Praveen Tiwari (IBN-7) & Ms. Archana Tiwari (DD National) at MREI Campus  on 13.2.16, there were a large number of senior anchors & media personalities at the campus. After the wonderfully organized event by Faculty of Media Studies & Humanities, Mr. Umesh Upadhyay (IB7 – Hindi), Mr. Syed Ansari (Aaj Tak), Dr. Praveen Tiwari (IBN-7) & Ms. Archana Tiwari (DD National) visited Radio Manav Rachna & participate in a live programme at 3 pm today. It was great pleasure for RMR to have such media luminaries. Click here for photograph


Dr. A. S Bindra, Chairman – IBS Group of Companies and father of Olympic Gold Medalist Abhinav Bindra visited RMR 107.8 FM and shared his views with RJ Bhavna in an interview.In his interview Dr. Bindra  said parents are the best motivators and support for their child and parents are also the best judge to realize the aptitude & potential of their child and hence they can play an active role in helping them to follow their passion and reach to heights. He was highly appreciative of the Manav rachna Educational Institutions Group, in having made spectecular progress during last one decade. The interview will be part of our ‘Ek Nazar’ programme at 7:30 pm today, 29th Jan. 2016 & repeated at 7:30 am tomorrow, 30th Jan. 2016. The interview will also be a part of our Campus Siary programme on ‘coming Sunday’. 31st jan. 2016at 7:30 pm. Click here for photograph


Air Commodore  (Retd.) Prof. D.S. Gotra  – Proctor, MRIU was invited to RMR 107.8 FM to participate as an expert in the programme “CAREER GUIDE”. He shared his experience with RJ Bhavna of working in Indian Air Force and at MRIU. He particularly spoke about Career in Engineering and its connected aspects. He said an aspirant engineer needs to have analytical bent of mind and zest to do something new & unique. Click here for photograph


Ms. Maria Sandstorm, Ms. Sumita  Bhattacharya  and Ms. Myrtel Johansson from Malmo university Sweden visited Radio Manav Rachna 107.8FM on 11th January 2016. RJ Bhavna interviewed them and during the interview they spoke about the purpose of their visit to MREI . Ms. Maria Sandstorm shared that the Malmo University Sweden is highly impressed by the education pattern of MRIS & MREI where Programming, Innovation & Research is a part of education for students at primary, secondary, senior secondary and graduation level. They hope for a long term assosciation with Manav rachna . Click here for photograph


Dr. Anil Sarin – Professor Management MRIU has recently been awarded Post Doctorate D Litt degree  in Management  from Sambalpur University  and now has joined club of very few professors who are Dlitt in Management in India. His research topic was “Contributory Theory of Existence”. He visited RMR on 8thJanuary 2016 & was interviewed by RJ DIksha.  The interview can be heard in our news feature “Ek Nazar” at 7:30 Pm today i.e 8.1.2016 and tomorrow morning at 7:30 am . Click here for photograph


Mr. R.C. Chaturvedi ,Assistant Professor. Mechanical, FET, MRU was invited at RMR 107.8 FM on 31st December 2015 to record an interview with Prof. I.K.Kilam – Director RMR for our programme “RUBAROO” a show which is dedicated in memory of  Dr. O.P. Bhalla – Founder Chancellor, MREI. He shared his memorable moments with Dr. O.P.Bhalla sir and gave a philosophical meaning of Manav Rachna as a term. Click here for photograph


Radio Manav rachna brings for its listeners a lot of informative & entertaining programs 24 * 7. One such weekly programme is ‘People of Honor’. Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri, Director, Amity Institute of Information and Technology, Noida was invited as a guest to Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM for this program on 2.01.2016. Dr. Sunil Kumar shared his vast experience as an IT professional, Mentor and Guide in the show with RJ Bhavna. He spoke about how to handle the fast changing, fast evolving and competitive life. He even shared a message for listeners to be positive & learn from others’ experience. Click here for photograph


Acharya Anand Sharma Ji – associated with Chinmaya Mission, New Delhi and Teacher of Ethics & Moral Values in Chinmaya Vidyalaya – Vasant vihar, New Delhi, was invited at RMR 107.8 FM on 22.12.2015 on the occasion of Geeta Jayanti. Ms. Sarita interviewed him and during the interview he shared his beliefs and thoughts on Bhagwad Gita. Click here for photograph


Hon’ble Sh. Krishan Pal Gujjar, Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment on RMR 107.8FM

Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM team visited the office of Hon’ble Sh. Krishan Pal Gujjar, Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment. Prof. I.K. Kilam, Director – RMR interviewed him and during the interview, Sh. Krishan Pal Gujjar talked about Faridabad Smart City and also gave his rich tributes to Late Dr. O.P. Bhalla and shared his views about Dr. O.P. Bhalla’s work in the field of education. He also gave a message to the listeners of Radio Manav Rachna and students of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions.

The interview would be broadcast on the program “Ek Nazar” today (Monday-December 21, 2015) at 7:30 am on Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM. Click here for photograph


Mrs. Shikha Biswas daughter of Renowned Music Composer- Mr. Anil Biswas and herself a music promoter visited Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM for the program “People of Honor” on 2.12.15. While sharing her views and experience with RJ Bhavna, she said life has decided a fixed time for you and in music, patience and practice is the mantra to achieve success. She mainly spoke about her interests and journey of life and her love for music. Click here for photograph


Radio Manav rachna brings for its listeners a lot of informative & entertaining programs 24 * 7. One such weekly programme is ‘People of Honor’. Dr. S Banerjee – Ex HOD, Deptt. Of Management, MRCE and Ex Director SDIM Faridabad who was invited on 17.11.15 to be a guest in this show shared his vast experience with RJ Bhavna about different topics be it spirituality, positivity, nature or vaastu. A person close to nature is more healthy and happy than others and he shared this message in this program with the listeners. Click here for photographs


Hasya Kavi Sardar Manjit Singh Jee was also invited as a guest  for the program ‘’People of Honor’’ on 19.11.2015.  Humour and its importance in life was explained by him in this show. He even recited a few of his poems for the listeners. Click here for photographs


Bollywood Singer Richa Sharma who is the Brand Ambassador of Faridabad Smart City is here in the city for the facilitation function of the same. RJ Shadab  from RMR recorded an exclusive interview with her and she expresses her pride and happiness to be made the Brand Ambassador of her own city. Click here for photographs

Mr. Kuldeep Kumar, our student in 3rd Sem., Aero B.Tech, MRIU is participating in ‘WAKO SENIOR WORLD KICK BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP 2015’ which is going to be held in Dublin, Ireland from 21st to 29th November, 2015. It is a proud moment for our University. He is already 6 times National Gold Medalist WORLD CUP 2012, Bronze Medalist WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2013, Quarter Finalist Kick Boxing and WAKO ASIAN KICKBOXING CHAMPIONSHIP 2015.  He visited RMR and RJ Shadab interviewed him. A brief interview with him can be heard in our programme “EK NAZAR” at 7:30 pm today & 7:30 am tomorrow. Click here for photograph


Col. V.K.Gaur – Advisor MREI visited RMR 107.8FM and recorded a program “MANCH” with RJ Bhavna on ‘Celebration of Festivals- Discipline & Enjoyment’. He spoke at length about the importance & significance of festivals in India and how it should be enjoyed with Self-discipline. Click here for photograph

Renowned Film Director Mr. Rakesh Omprakash Mehra was in Manav Rachna Campus on 28.10.15 . He also visited RMR 107.8 FM, here RJ Swati interviewed Mr. Rakesh Omprakash Mehra & during the interview he shared postive outlook of his life, about his movies and also gave a message for the listeners. A brief interview with him was carried in our programme “EK NAZAR”. Click here for photograph
Mrs.  Syna Dehnugara , Senior Producer CNBC TV 18, was invited at RMR 107.8 FM on 24th October, 2015 and was interviewed for the programme “CAREER GUIDE” to talk about ‘Career in MEDIA’. Career Guide is a programme which focuses on different career options for students where successful experienced careerists in different professions share their experiences with the students and listeners and give suitable tips on selecting their careers. Click here for photograph
Consultants, Mr. Neeraj Chandok, Mr. Ikram Singh and Mr. Ashok Aggarwal who had come to FMS – MRIU, also visited RMR 107.8 on 29.08.15 and they recorded their views and experiences with RJ Shadab which we carried in our program ‘Ek Nazar’. Mr. Neeraj Chandok also participated in our live program ‘Yadon Ka Safar’ with RJ Faheem. Click here for photograph
Esteemed guests PROF. Dr. OUTI KALLIOINEN, PROF.  PIA HAPPEA & PROF. HARRI KALLIOMARKI  from LAHTI UNIVERSITY, FINLAND  visited Manav Rachna Campus . As a part of their 3 days schedule, they also visited Radio Manav Rachna on 6th October, 2015. During this visit all these VIP guests recorded for our programme “EK NAZAR”. Prof. I.K.Kilam – Director RMR interviewed them personally.  They shared their experience of visiting Manav Rachna and were really impressed by the academic infrastructure and overall quality of the campus. Click here for photograph
Ms. Ira Singhal – Young IAS Officer alongwith her proud father Mr. Rajender Singhal were in Manav Rachna Campus today. We invited them to RMR 107.8 FM after the event which was organised by Department of Civil Engineering, FET & Team MANZIL. RJ Bhavna interviewed Ms.Ira Singhal & during the interview she shared the positive outlook of her life and gave her motivating tips to all the aspiring students. A brief interview with her & her father Mr. Rajender Singhal can be heard in our programme “EK NAZAR” at 7:30 pm today & 7:30 am tomorrow. Click here for photograph


Madam Satya Bhalla – Chief Patron , MREI, was invited at RMR 107.8 FM on 1st September 2015 to record an interview with Prof. I.K.Kilam – Director RMR for our programme “RUBAROO” a show which is dedicated in memory of Dr. O.P. Bhalla – Founder Chancellor, MREI. She shared her memorable moments with Dr. O.P.Bhalla and inspired all the staff members and students with her inputs during the interview. Same can be heard on 6th September 2015 at 10 am in our programme “RUBAROO” only on RMR 107.8 FM. Click here for photograph


RJ Naved from Radio Mirchi was chief guest on the occasion of special event “Udaan” hosted by Faculty of management Studies, MRIU on 21st August, 2015. After the said event, he also visited Radio Manva Rachna 107.8 FM and was delighted to be here. In his exclusive conversation with RJ Bhavna, he expressed his happiness on being interviewed as an RJ. He shared his experiences of being a Radio Jockey, the concept behind his famous Mirchi Murga and lots more. During his interview he said that it requited innate talent to become a Radio Jockey and be oneself with one’s own distinct style. Click here for photograph


Winners at our programme ‘Suron Ka Utsav’  (25 – 26th  July 2015) were invited at RMR for live participation in our programmes. In this context, second prize winner of Category B (Age – 31 years & above)- Suman Tripathi, Abhar – Second prize winner  of Category A (Age : 15 – 3- years) were invited to be a guest in a popular regular show of RMR ‘Youngistan ki Dhadkan’  from 10 – 12 noon on 4th August 2015. They shared their experience of the music  competition, their love for music, struggle and plans of career ahead with RJ Bhavna during the show. Besides this Mr. Anil Thakur, 1st Prize winner of category B, Jagjeet – 3rd Prize winner of Category B, Jitendra Taneja – Consolation Prize winner of category B participated in our regular show Evening Flavor with RJ Shadab  where they spoke about their life, struggle  and music interests.

Mayank Consolation Prize Winner of Category A also participated in our Evening Flavor programme on 5th August 2015 from 6-7 pm. All the winners of Suron Ka Utsav 2015 were gifted with a framed photograph of the event . Click here for photograph


Mr. Rajesh Kumar – HCS, Joint Commissioner MCF, old Faridabad zone, visited RMR 107.8 FM on 27th June, 2015 and in a recorded conversation , he spoke at length about the initiatives taken up by Government of India & Haryana government into making Faridabad a Clean & Green City  as well as SMART CITY. He shared that MCF plans to plant 2 lakh trees within Faridabad and to instruct all institutions, malls, commercial outlets to do rain water harvesting in their premises. Similar such plans are proposed to make the city more cleaner for its residents. The same was aired on 29thJune, 2015 at 4:30 pm. Click here for photograph


Ms. Goldy Malhotra – Director – MR Schools & Principal – Academic Staff College visited RMR on 22.6.15 and we recorded her for our programme “People of Honor” with RJ Bhavna. Ms. Goldy Malhotra shared about her life, her hobbies, her varied experiences in the field of teaching, theatre, painting, poetry etc. She also shared her views about the teaching methodology & fulfilling one’s passion even after hectic work schedule. Click here for photograph


Dr. Suresh Kumar Bedi – Dean – FCA & Director – IQAC , visited RMR on 20.6.15 and we recorded him for our programme “RUBAROO” with Prof. I.K.Kilam – Director RMR. He shared his memories about our Founder Chancellor – Dr. O.P. Bhalla Sir, and also shared his experience in teaching profession over the years. Click here for photograph


Dr. M.K. Soni – Executive Director & Dean & Dr. Pradeep Varshney- Associate Director – FET – MRIU visited RMR and participated in our live programme “Vidyantariksha” with RJ Shadab on 22.6.15. During this interactive programme they shared their views about curriculum & facilities of FET and more particularly on the current admission process in FET this academic session. Click here for photograph


Mrs. Inderjit K. Pannu – President & Managing Trustee – Global Cancer Concern India (GCCI) visitedRMR on 5.6.15 for recording on National Cancer Survivor’s Day which is on 7th June conducted by RJ Bhavna . During this interactive programme, Mrs. Inderjit K. Pannu shared her experiences in GCCI and about their Centres & Camps which serve Cancer patients. This program will broadcast on 7th June at 4 pm. Click here for photograph


Dr. T.C.A. Anant – Chief Statistician of India & Secretary – Ministry of Statistics of India & Secretarywas invited as a guest speaker in our University on 6.6.15 to deliver a talk on ” Role of Statistics in Research”  & visited RMR . We recorded him and the extracts of the recording will be carried out in our programme ‘Ek Nazar’ at 7:30 pm. During the conversation, he shared glimpse of today’s event in Manav Rachna and appreciated the infrastructure & facilities provided here. Click here for photograph


Mr. Tigmanshu Dhulia, the noted Director, Producer, Screenwriter & Actor visited MRIU and RMR 107.8 FM on 23rd April, 2015. He shared with RJ Bhavna his experience of visit to RMR & his journey in bollywood. He also shared about his favorite films and as to how it is difficult to handle the pressure of competition in the film industry. His youthful approach, charismatic personality and friendly attitude towards all impressed everybody . To listen to his exclusive interview please tune into RMR 107.8 FM on Sunday 26th April, 2015 at 6 pm. Click here for photograph


Mr. Sudhanshu Bahuguna, famous Vocalist and Musical Director was invited as a Judge for the Solo Singing Competition during MANAV RACHNA FEST –  Resurrection 2K15 on 17th April 2015. After the event, Director RMR invited him to RMR and he shared his journey of music with RJ Bhavna in our exclusive program “People of Honor”. He also participated in the live show of old bollywood songs “Yaadon Ka Safar” with RJ Faheem. The excerpts of his interview were also covered in our daily news feature “Ek Nazar”. Click here for photograph


Mr. J.P. Malhotra, CMD – M/s Bhartiya Valves (P) Ltd., President – DLF Industries Association , Chairman – The Institution of Engineers (India) FLC ,Charter President – Rotary Club of Faridabad and a close assosciate of Manav Rachna, was invited in RMR 107.8 FM on 10th April, 2015 for the programme “RUBAROO” with Prof. I.K.Kilam – Director – Radio Manav Rachna.  Mr. J.P. Malhotra is an Engineer, a successful first generation Enterpreneur, an Industrialist of repute and an eminent resident of Faridabad. During his interaction, he shared his academic & career and professional experiences and his association with Manav Rachna educational Institutions group. Click here for photograph


Mr. Venkateshan- Assistant Director General – Ministry of Tourism – Government of India visited in RMR 107.8 FM on 4th April. 2015 for the programme “People of Honour” with RJ Diksha. He shared his career & life experiences. Click here for photograph


A few students along with their faculty members from Manav Rachna International School – Gurgaon, also visited RMR on the occasion of ‘Founder’s Day’ on 3.04.15. During their  visit they got a chance to sit in the live show “” with  RJ Diksha.  RJ Diksha also interviewed two of the students in her show. Click here for photograph


A few students along with their faculty members from Manav Rachna International School – Sector 14, visited RMR on the occasion of ‘Founder’s Day’ on 3.04.15. During the visit they got a chance to sit in the live programme “Youngistaan ki Dhadkan” with  RJ Bhavna.  Few students also got a chance to record their songs with RJ Bhavna and the recording was included in the programme “Nanhe Farishtey”. Click here for photograph


Mrs. Anita Singhvi, famous Ghazal Singer was invited to RMR 107.8 on 30.3.15. She recorded for our programme “People of Honor” with RJ Diksha and also a programme on her musical CDs with RJ Faheem. She appreciated the RMR activities and the entire Manav Rachna Campus and also showed her interest in long term assosciation with Manav Rachna. Later she also had a meeting with Dr. Amit Bhalla and Vice President. Click here for photograph


Mrs. Komal Anand, Rtd. Secretary, Government of India, was Chief Guest at a function organized by FMeS to celebrate the “International Women’s Week” at MRIU Campus on 18th March 2015. After the event we invited her to RMR. RJ Diksha interviewed her and she shared her views on Women Empowerment and her journey as a Secretary in Government of India. The recordings will be carried in our programmes “Ek Nazar” & “Campus Diary”. Click here for photograph


Maj. Gen. P.N. Awasthi – Advisor and Dr. Vishal Dang – MRDC, visited RMR on 17th March 2015 and recorded a special programme on “World Oral Health Day” with RJ Diksha. The theme was “Smile for Life”. During this interactive programme they shared about the oral problems and methods to maintain oral hygiene. They also highlighted the facilities provided by Manav Rachna Dental College. Click here for photograph


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