Bhavna Sharma

Hey, frnds I m RJ Bhavna Sharma. I host lots of shows on RMR 107.8 fm. Believe me its huge fun and to know which all shows I bring for you on RMR 107.8 FM you got to tune in and listen. I am a very humorous, fun loving, smart and an intelligent girl. Besides being an RJ here, I am also the Marketing Head of RMR 107.8 FM, which requires me to keep myself informed with the latest demand of the listeners and the Advertisers.  So any   time you want to advertise your product on RMR 107.8 FM you can contact me. Media line is not new to me as I have been a VJ   also before.







Takia Kalam – None but I often say “Absolutely” and “Of course”


Zodiac sign – VIRGO


RJ-ing style –  like hot n sweet sauce “IT’s DIFFERENT”


Pet name as kid – none but my frnds call me “BEBO”. Guess y?


Describe yourself in 3 words – Beautiful, Smart nd Intelligent. In a sentence “A NICE PERSON”.


Hobbies – Music, Dancing, Reading, Travelling and exploring new places on the globe, learning new languages.


Childhood ambition – To be a TV Personality, and “Mission Accomplished”


All time Fav song – Quit playing games wid my heart, Hothon se chu lo tum


Fav singers – but of course Mohd.Rafi  & LATAJI. And all latest singers too.


Fav actors – Tom Cruise, and Salman Khan


Fav actress – Katrina kaif


Fav food – GOLGAPPE nd Italian Food


Fav Bollywood Movie – RHTDM, DDLJ


Fav movie moments –  Obviously wen hero gets d heroine in the climax, in short happy endings.


I WOULD LOVE TO BE STRANDED ON A MAROONED ISLAND WITH – Someone who knows to cook and swim so I don’t die of starvation nd drown in the sea. And my IPHONE to keep me entertained.


ESSENTIALS IN THE WARDROBE  – “JEWELLERY”, beautiful Black dresses, Formals and, Casuals.


BIGGEST FEAR – Putting on weight.


IDOL – I do not idolize some1 but I strive to be a good human being who can spread smiles to every face.


WEN I WASN’T AN RJ – I was a VJ.


I LOVE  – Myself my pet squirrel & my family.




MESSAGE FOR LISTENERS – I love your quick response through sms and phone calls so pls keep doing dat, keep listening to my shows and Most important Keep Smiling.

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