Designation – Radio Jockey cum Assistant Producer

Shows: Yeh meri life hai (Mon-Fri 1 – 3pm), Entertainment Junction (Mon-Fri 8-9 pm)

Weekend shows: The Animal World (Sun 3-5 pm), Aatmbodh with Brahmakumaris (Sun 5-6 am)

Hi, I am RJ Priyanka.

RJ-ING is to me..Dil se nikli dastak de seedha aapke dilo par..

My show Yeh Meri Life hai is especially dedicated to women, her family, her life, her struggle and her positive attitude towards life. Senior citizens and children are also part of my show content.

In Entertainment Junction program I take listeners to a ride to bollywood Industry, trivia about bollywood celebrities with superhit 90s songs.

The Animal World, as the title itself says that it is all about animals

and the Spiritual Program Aatmboth with Brahmakumaris is all about positive attitude towards life, Self Management and know yourself, your inner soul.

Mera hai ek simple sa funda….jahan hain..jaise hain…jis maahol mein hain..hamesha khush raho.

My message for all is:  Mauj Karo…Roz Karo..Na mile to khoj karo 🙂