Namita Bhatla

Hi this is Namita Bhatla , presently working as a Office Coordinator. I love working in this musical environment. Music is in my soul.

Mantra of my life – Live and Let Live.

I m Brave   …..because I dont hesitate in admitting my mistake

I am WISE   …becoz am able to empathies

My favourite color :  Black

Favourite Book :  The Secret

Favorite food : Rajma Rice & enjoy eating Non Veg

I would love to holiday at  –  no specific place… would love to explore the whole world…

I like  –  to play Badminton, basketball, listening to  music, dancing, singing

Makes me upset  – mean n fake people………….:

Make me happy  – People who are honest n down to earth…

I love my life because have caring husband and loving family.

One day I want to… a person who is helpful to mankind. Jujhar Khaira Womens Jersey