GCCI and Ministry of Statistics of India & Secretary

1. Mrs. Inderjit K. Pannu – President & Managing Trustee – Global Cancer Concern India (GCCI) visited RMR on 5.6.15 for recording on National Cancer Survivor’s Day which is on 7th June conducted by RJ Bhavna . During this interactive programme, Mrs. Inderjit K. Pannu shared her experiences in GCCI and about their Centres & Camps which serve Cancer patients. This program will broadcast on 7th June at 4 pm. 


2. Dr. T.C.A. Anant – Chief Statistician of India & Secretary – Ministry of Statistics of India & Secretary was invited as a guest speaker in our University on 6.6.15 to deliver a talk on ” Role of Statistics in Research”  & visited RMR . We recorded him and the extracts of the recording will be carried out in our programme ‘Ek Nazar’ at 7:30 pm. During the conversation, he shared glimpse of today’s event in Manav Rachna and appreciated the infrastructure & facilities provided here.



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