Dr. Priyanka Shrivastava, Mr. Akshay Aggarwal, Mr. Pankaj Singh visited RMR 107.8 FM

Dr. Priyanka Shrivastava, a practicing psychologist visited RMR 107.8 FM on 9.01.2017. She was interviewed on the topic “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD”. She shared how children with ADHD, suffer from multiple problems and are not diagnosed at the right age which leads them to becoming aggressive Youth & Adults. She also suggested ways how parents can detect if their kids are suffering from ADHD. Besides this she also was guest for our program “People of Honor” where she shared moments of her life with RJ Bhavna. This program will be aired on RMR 107.8 FM on 15th Jan., 2017 (Sunday) at 11 am.


Mr. Akshay Aggarwal, a practicing lawyer and a student of Psychology also visited RMR 107.8 FM with Dr. Priyanka Srivastava. He shared how relationships are drifting away due to lack of compatibility between couples. He said, a good way to enter a new relationship should be by undergoing “Pre Marital Counselling”. Why pre-marital counseling is necessary, what are the tests that are put to the couple and how it helps couple to know each other and understand better before marriage so that Post Marriage life is more Happy & Blissful.


Mr. Pankaj Singh, alumni from CITM, CSE 2004-2008 batch visited the MR Campus as well as RMR 107.8 FM. He shared the memories of his golden college days, with RJ Bhavna in our program “Campus Star”. He emphasized that how Manav Rachna helped in shaping his career and being the successful Entrepreneur he is today. Mr. Pankaj Singh is successfully running his Company “Simplified Product Solutions” in Auckland, New Zealand. He appreciated the change & development he witnessed in MREI and was thrilled to visit the Dr. O.P. Bhalla Central Library, RMR 107.8 & the Shooting Range.
This Interview will be aired on RMR 107.8 FM on 21.01.17 (Saturday) at 2pm.


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